LiveYourOwnLife Ep46

효심이네 각자도생 에피소드 46

Live Your Own Life[4] (Korean: 효심이네 각자도생) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Uee, Ha Jun, and Go Joo-won. The series is about a daughter who devoted her whole life to her family, but now breaking away because of hard time they gave and living an independent life.

This is a scene from episode 46.

‘Ha Jun’ goes to the house of the woman he loves, ‘Uee’.
‘Uee’ is not at home.

He shows his simple side to become closer to Uee’s mother.

After saying hello to ‘Uee’s’ mother, a scene was aired in which he slyly went into the kitchen as if it were his own home and cooked and ate ramen by himself.

<iframe src="https://tube.kpop.to/embed/GIM1wjRU3aNVGgt?color=04abf2" frameborder="0" width="700" height="400" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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